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ERP criteria in system evaluation and selection

Architectural Structure

ERP Criteria

evaluating and selecting an ERP system, it's essential to consider various criteria, including:

  • Alignment with Business Requirements: Make sure it covers what our company needs.

  • Software Readiness: Choose a ready, stable, proven, and reliable system.

  • Development Team and Local Support: Consider nearby experts for help and customization.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Look for an intuitive interface to save time and boost adoption.

  • Logging and Audit Trail: Ensure it logs changes and maintains data security.

  • Costs: Evaluate all expenses for a clear return on investment.

  • Scalability: Confirm it can grow with our company.

  • Integration Capabilities: It should work smoothly with other software we use.

  • Compliance and Security: Ensure it meets industry standards and protects data.

  • Performance and Reliability: Make sure it can handle our workload without issues.

  • Customization and Flexibility: See if it adapts to our unique business processes.

  • Training and Support: Evaluate the availability of training resources and ongoing support

  • Cloud vs. On-Premises: Decide between web-based or in-house solutions.

  • Mobile Accessibility: Ensure it works on mobile devices for on-the-go work.

  • Data Migration: Assess the ease and cost of moving your data.

  • User Involvement: Include employees in the decision to meet their needs.

  • Future Upgrades: Learn about the vendor's plans for improvements.

  • Partner/Developer Financial Stability: Confirm the vendor's financial stability for long-term support.

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